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BOTANIC Inc. aims to bring happiness to our customers, farmers, florists, and all others in the industry of flowers and plants.

ex. flower shop & laboratory は、花と緑の専門店です。花に関する知識、花を扱う技術、花の魅力への理解。花屋にとって「あたりまえ」であるべきことを、一つひとつ見つめ直し、お客様一人ひとりに丁寧にお届けします。

“ex. flower shop & laboratory” is specialty store of flowers and plants based in Tokyo, Japan. We provide a wide selection of quality flowers and plants for your home that are also perfect for a special gift. It is our standard to provide you with professional services at all times.

霽れと褻(ハレとケ)は、”farm to vase” をコンセプトに、良質な花を、最適な流通経路で、誠実な情報と共にお届けしています。花屋で手に入らない旬の花と、その花に関する新聞を毎月お届けする「花と新聞の定期便」を始め、新しい花の楽しみ方を提案します。


"fare to qe" provides a monthly subscription service of fresh flowers and a pamphlet containing information about the product and the farmer. We aim to fill the gap in the between flower farmers and consumers and create opportunities for people to discover a new and ethical way to enjoy flowers.

Lifft(リフト)は、新鮮で高品質なブーケを全国のご自宅にお届けします。品質に信頼のおける提携農園で生産された花は、オーダーに応じて採花。 よりシンプルな流通経路を確立し、在庫として無駄な保管期間をおくことなく、すぐにお客様のお手元にお届けします。


Lifft is a country-wide delivery service providing specialty bouquets made of prime stems sourced from domestic farmers.  With our improved distribution channel we have made it possible to deliver freshly cut stems with speed. The bouquets are also designed and made by experienced florist providing an excellent flower delivery experience.